Tuesday, June 6, 2017

This I Believe Links and Resources

Our Podcasts!

A Guide To Using Audacity
  • Available on the library computers, Audacity can add music and voice files recorded elsewhere onto the main podcast track, and is probably the easiest way of creating your podcast.

 How to Record Voice Podcasts on the Mac
  • This tutorial takes you step by step.

Legal Music (and Art!) for Podcasting
  • Of course, Apple's Garageband features royalty-free loops you can use.  If you want to use music or art from another source, make sure you are not using any artwork or music clips without the artist's permission.
  • Creative Commons licensed music and images, unless they say "no deriviative works," should be fine.

How to Share Audio Files Between Devices
  • If you record a sound file on your phone, you can probably attach it in an email to yourself.
  • If you want to be able to access a sound file on different devices, remember that you can save audio files to your Google Drive, and then download them anywhere you sign in.
  • If you download an audio file onto a Mac, saving it to i Tunes is the default option (in case you're having trouble finding it)

Podcasting on Soundcloud 

This I Believe (NPR podcast)

This I Believe student essays

This I Believe, Vermont 

"Finding Freedom in Forgiveness"

"We're All Different in Our Own Ways" (This I Believe student essay)

"The Real Me" (This I Believe student essay)

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